Labor Supply
Employment in the Broken Bow labor market, which is defined as the whole of Custer County, consists of the following:


  • Manufacturing: 2.5%
  • Mining and Construction: 12.5%
  • Utilities, Transportation, and Communication: 15.9%
  • Trade, Wholesale, and Retail: 26.0%
  • Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate: 10.1%
  • Services: 12.3%
  • Government: 15.9%
  • All other non-agricultural: 30.7%


  • Agricultural Employment: 30.8% 


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Job Posting Information

The local job posting listing, located at the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, has applications for citizens to fill out if they are looking for employment. Applications are kept on file for two months and accessible to any employer who is needing help. A local job posting list of available jobs is updated weekly and available to all people looking for a job. The phone number for the Nebraska Job Service is also relayed to those wishing to apply with Burlington Northern or Becton Dickinson.

The office consistently has approximately 25 people in its job service files each month. Although the job posting office does not screen or test applicants, it does offer information available on various programs like Job Training of Nebraska, Green Thumb, etc. Various job seeking skills workshops are also co-sponsored by the job service office and Vocational Rehabilitation to assist people with resumes, interviewing, etc. Manpower, located in Kearney, is also accessible should applicants desire these services.